The passing of a loved one is a difficult time. But understanding Christ's victory over death, the funeral liturgy is an act of worship not just an expression of grief.
The funeral liturgy is the central liturgical celebration of the Catholic community for the deceased. When a member of our community dies, we encourage the celebration of the funeral liturgy at a Mass. When Mass cannot be celebrated, a funeral liturgy outside Mass can be celebrated at the church or in the funeral home.



For most families, the primary point of contact for funeral arrangements after a loved one passes will be the funeral home. Saint Teresa of Calcutta Parish has a good relationship with local funeral homes, who inform of us funerary needs.

The family will be put in touch with a parish volunteer, who will help them through the process of planning their funeral liturgy. Families may choose appropriate readings, hymns, and members are invited to be lectors for the first and second readings, as well as the prayers of the faithful.