small christian

Not a Bible study, though we study the Bible together.
Not a Prayer group, though we pray together.
Not a support group, though we support each other.

Who are Small Christian Groups?

Friends who build honest, supportive relationships.
Friends who study, pray, and journey in faith together.
Friends who grow in friendship with Christ.

Friends In Faith

Life is better connected!  When friendships are forged, we are able to experience life in the company of those who care for us and willingly walk with us in all circumstances.

We believe that friendships in our faith allow us to further grow in friendship with Christ.  Through friends in faith we are able to learn from each other and share our successes in the face of challenges. Our friends in faith become a source of support in all of our relationships.  

Growing Disciples

In creating Small  Groups, we create environments where disciples can grow.  The  Small Groups become the place where friends in faith are created, friends who don’t want anything from you, but are there for you.
Through the Small  Groups you gain friends who support you and all your other relationships. Small  Groups become a place you are known and cared for as you are, free of judgements.

A Group for Everyone

Small Groups are suited for every member of our Catholic community of all perspectives and walks of life!

Small groups help you connect with friends and community members who match what you're looking for. Men and women's groups, groups for grief, groups for new parents, groups of different ages; no matter what your life has, you can find community at Saint Teresa of Calcutta Parish.